The phrasing course is based on the research findings from Aurelian Ciocan's doctoral thesis on the topic of "Performance Speech." The study focused on analyzing how people emphasize important words in a speech, and the results offer a unique perspective on the method through which key words can be identified.

The phrasing sessions are designed to develop a deep understanding of how we can convey strong emotions when we correctly identify and emphasize key words. Participants will improve their techniques for articulating thoughts in verbal communication, in order to express themselves with clarity, precision, and impact.

In this course, participants will learn to craft well-structured sentences, employ rhetorical devices, and choose appropriate vocabulary to convey their intended messages. They will explore strategies for organizing information, constructing persuasive arguments, and adapting their phrasing to various communication contexts and audiences.

By the end of the class, participants will possess a heightened ability to communicate their ideas persuasively and eloquently. They will have a mastery of language phrasing techniques that enable them to engage their listeners, influence opinions, and convey their thoughts with precision and impact.